All About Titanium Piercing Jewelry

When we talk about titanium,we mean pure titanium(Ti-P),not titanium alloys.

Titanium is a recognized safe material for making piercing jewelry. Unlike stainless steel, titanium does not contain nickel, while nickel, studies have shown that nickel is one of the causes of allergic reactions. Although our website provides piercing jewelry customization services of two materials(stainless steel,titanium) at the same time, we strongly recommend that it is a better choice to buy piercing jewelry made of pure titanium when economic conditions permit.

One of the material properties of titanium is its darker color. The raw materials and finished products in the picture below can be clearly seen. Stainless steel products will be brighter, pure titanium products will be darker.

Another characteristic of titanium is its lighter weight. With the same volume of material, stainless steel is nearly twice as heavy as titanium.

In addition to the customization of piercing jewelry, if you are more interested in titanium products and think of using titanium as a material to customize other items, you can consult us on the online chat function in the lower right corner of the page, and we will tell you whether we can make and the quotation of customized products .