What is Semi-Custom for Chastity Cage?

Semi-Custom chastity cage is a custom service for those pre-made chastity cages.Because these chastity cage are pre-made,their sizes is limited.If you want a pre-made cage,and this cage's penis tube size fit you,but its base ring size doesn't fit you perfectly,in this sitution,you only need to custom a base ring.

Like this customer,he ordered a 63mm diameter base ring for this pre-made penis tube.

In the same way,if your found one existing base ring fit you but can't find a pre-made penis tube fit you perfectly,then you only need to custom a penis tube.

Like this customer,he ordered this penis tube for the pre-made 45mm diameter base ring.

So now,you should have realized what the semi-custom service is.

Not limit to separate base ring,separate penis tube customization,but also more accessory customization for the pre-made chastity cages,like adding PA hook.

Anyway,no matter how you want the chastity cage to be,just click the "Message us" botton under the page for inquiry.