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All About Chastity Cage Customization

Badassworkroom chastity cage customization is very flexible.You can custom your cage's details as much as you want.And welcome to send sketch or cage picture for custom inquiry.

There are 3 basic sizes are needed to custom a chastityc cage.(chastity cage overall length,penis tube inner diameter,base ring inner diameter)

1.Chastity Cage Overall Length: It is the length from base ring to the tip of penis tube,in principle,this overall length is equal to penis length in flaccid,but it is better to reduce 5mm-10mm length from the original flaccid length because the gravity always make the cage sag downwards.

2.Penis Tube Inner Diameter: somebody call it penis shaft diameter,which is penis circumference divided by 3.14. It is also equal to penis width in flaccid approximately,recommend to add a little space on width for penis tube inner diameter because a lttle wider tube make wearer feel more comfortable.

3.Base Ring Inner diameter: The theoretical method is to use a thin string to measure the cock root's circumference and divided by 3.14 to get the diameter.For example, the circumference is 188mm,188/3.14=60mm.So 60mm is the diameter.However,the base ring need to be tighter because it need to catch the whole chastity cage from the cock root.So it is recommended to reduce the diameter to be smaller size,for example,reduce 5mm to select 55mm as base ring inner diameter for above example.This is a suggestion,and this size is really not easy for the new beginer. If you are not sure what size is the most suitable, you can customize an extra base ring when customizing the cage, for example, 55mm+53mm.

A warm tip:There is no better measurement method than wearing a cock ring practically.Wearing the various sizing ring can help you realize the most suitable base ring inner diameter more efficiently. Here is the purchase link:


*Base Ring Thickness

There are 4,5,6,7,8,9,10mm thickness strip for base ring making.Obviously,the thiner base ring,the lighter it is.So if you have specific demand on base ring thickness,write it in "Other Sizes Details" textbox when order,otherwise its thickness is selected by us,normally we use 7mm or 8mm thickness ring.

If you want flat round ring(width>thickness),check below picture,it is also available but need to charge extra(SS+50USD,Titanium+80USD)will contact you to pay for the price difference if you specify this demand when order.

*Base Ring Style/Shape

The custom chastity cage is equipped with standard round base ring by default,if you need cage equipped with ergonomic curved base ring,please write your this demand in the "Other Style Details" textbox when order.

*About Ergonomic Curve Base Ring

The ergonomic curved ring is bent by normal round ring.After the shaping is completed, the vertical and horizontal diameters in the ring will be slightly changed, which is in line with the principle.

For example, if you want 45 mm diameter curve base ring,we use 45mm diameter round ring to shape it.

After the shaping is completed, its vertical diameter will become 45.5mm, and its horizontal diameter will become 43.5mm. In short, no matter how to shape it, the circumference of the ring is alway the same, only the shape difference. This should be understood. So the ring size is correct anyway.

But if you want a curved ring whose horizontal diameter is the same as the vertical diameter of 45 mm, please specify this clearly. Because in fact, this is shaped with a slightly larger round ring, such as a 46mm diameter round ring.

*Lock Mechanism Selection

There are 6 kinds of lock mechanism available.

If you are not very sure about the base ring size,I would recommend proprietary security screw or padlock as lock mechanism rather than stealth lock(lock cylinder),because it is possible to make separate base ring for the cage using screw or padlock as lock mechanism without having the original cage.
But it is impossible to make a separate base ring for the cage using stealth lock(lock cylinder)as lock mechanism without having the original cage.Applies only to cage designs without integrated PA.(Don't accept return for correction)

Dual lock system:headless hex screw+permanent lock(see BA-01),padlock+permanent lock(see BA-05)

Stealth lock/magic lock/integrated lock(see BA-03),padlock(see BA-16),proprietary security screw(see BA-07)

*The Horizonal Gap Between Base Ring and Penis Tube(Red Line)

Normally for common round base ring,this horizonal gap is 8mm-10mm,for ergonomic base ring,the smallest horizontal gap is 7mm,but this horizontal gap is customizable,if you need other size of this gap(someone who has bloated cock root may need bigger gap)write it on "Other Sizes Details" textbox when order,otherwise,the gap is 10mm by default.

*The Diagonal Gap Between Base Ring and Penis Tube(Yellow Line)

This diagonal gap is where the balls would slipping out from.As you can imagine,this diagonal gap size is determined by the size of base ring and the size of the penis tube.Usually we don’t care about this size if you don’t have the ball slipping out problem.

But if you have the problem of ball slipping out, some people have a small diameter of the penis tube, but the base ring diameter is large, this will make the diagonal gap to be large. So some people’s balls will slip out from the large gap. But This problem would be resolved by adding a screw-on scrotum bar or integrated scrotum ring.Have a look of the above picture and the below picture,the scrotum bar function shows clearly.

*The Diagonal Gap Between Scrotum Bar/Ring and Base Ring(Green Line)

If you require a scrotum bar for your custom cage order or the custom cage style has scrotum bar originally,but you don't specify this diagonal gap between scrotum bar and base ring,then I will make it base on my experience.If you have specific diagonal gap between scrotum bar and base ring,please write it on "Other Sizes Details" textbox when order.

*Other Customizable Accessory for Your Cage

#PA hook(integrated PA hook,screw-on PA hook)

PA gauge and PA depth(distance from PA hole edge to the tip of penis as picture shown) is needed for PA hook making.

#S shape PA hook for the uncircumcised

 #Frenum Hook

Frenum hook gauge and frenum depth is needed for frenum hook making.

Features of titanium:
In same volume, titanium is about 60% of the weight of stainless steel
Non-magnetic and non-toxic
Excellent corrosion resistance, will not rust ever
Outstanding biocompatibility, will not cause allergic reactions
Recognized as the best body piercing material
The safe anodized coloring process principle gives the product more color choices

(Colors before Blue and Blue color series is strongly recommended, other colors anodizing would have color difference between the solder joints and main body.And titanium after welding will have an unpredictable effect on anodizing, so the anodizing effect of all titanium cages is subject to the actual effect received.)

Titanium anodizing service is free in charge,just leave the color number when you order if you need it.