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What is Semi-Custom for Chastity Cage?

Semi-Custom chastity cage is a custom service for some pre-made chastity cages.Because these chastity cage are made already,their sizes and style are limited.If you are interested in a pre-made cage,and some sizes of it fit you while some sizezs of it doesn't fit you.Then semi-custom service is the perfect solution.The following situations but not limited to the following situations may apply to this service.

1.customize base ring(exsiting penis tube size fit your,existing base rings doesn't fit you)

2.customize penis tube(exsiting base ring size fit you,exsiting penis tube doesn't fit you)

3.change penis tube head style(most details of the premade cage fit you,just want to change the penis tube head style)

4.change lock mechanism(the premade cage use lock cylinder as lock mechanism,but you want security screw or padlock as lock mechanism)

5.add some accessories to the premade cage

*scrotum bar/ring to narrow the diagonal gap(the gap your ball would slip out from)

*.pa hook

*frenum hook


*punishment spikes

*traction D ring


So now,you should have realized what the semi-custom service can bring to you.

No matter how you want the chastity cage to be,just click the "Message us" botton under the page for inquiry.