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Read all about chastity cage customization page to realize what you can custom your cage.Including but not limited to the description, if you have other requirements, please contact us.

Customize size no limitation. Can make any size.

Material: Stainless Steel/Titanium(No pre quote)

The below 3 dimensions is necessary:

1.Tube Overall Length

2.Tube Inner Diameter 

3.PA gauge

4.PA depth

For more size details or style details you need to specify,please fill in textbox.

If you think the text cannot accurately describe your requirements, you can upload picture to make your customization more precise.The more detailed of your custom information, the better.

*Comparing with the other handcrafted custom cages,rapid making cage,use the integrated molding process, there is no need for too much handcrafted work, so that the production speed is accelerated. Rapid-making cages delivery time frame shorter much and order can be shipped out within 1 month normally.

The cage made of titanium cannot be quoted in advance. We need to know your customized size before quotation. Therefore, you can choose the material option of titanium to place order,and fill in the customized details. Although it price 1USD, but it is not your order price obviously, we just use that option to let you place order so that we can obtain your custom cage details.
We will quote you according to your customized information and lead you make the final payment for your custom order.